Peace and Security

Underdevelopment and instability characterize the Horn of Africa region, engulfed with food shortage, and political instability. Studies indicate that war and conflict between nations have seen a declining trend in the last decade; however, internal conflicts persist among communities.

To avoid conflicts, national and international organizations, as well as local communities, are contributing to the settlement of disputes. Although the progress towards peace and security looks promising, there are still issues to be addressed to ensure lasting peace in the region. 

Cogent International Solutions believes that peace and security are two components needed in transforming nations and maintaining political and economic stability. Hence, our focus on peace and security is one of the major pillars in our commitment to the region. The firm believes that a clear understanding of local context along with rich global experience will provide wide lens to address the problem and Cogent International Solutions is prepared to assist governments in finding tailoring solutions for the problems. Professionalism and understanding of local context are what defines our firm’s commitment to peace and security of the region. 

The firm does not see peace and security exclusively from a conflict resolution point of view, but rather is a broad concept strongly linked to peaceful social co-existence, the well-being of people, prosperity and overall development. To this end, the study of peace and security includes a cross-sectional examination of the whole of society, including socio-economic, political, social, ethnic and, other factors. CIS makes use of professional expertise, local knowledge, inclusiveness, and scientific analysis to meet the needs of our clients for sustainable peace and security solutions.

Our firm looks forward to collaborating with states, regional inter-governmental agencies, the United Nations, non-governmental organizations, civil society groups, universities, religious organizations, local government bodies, investors, affected communities and societies as a whole to contribute to sustainable peace and security in the region.

Our firm believes that a clear understanding of the local context, together with a wide range of global expertise, will provide a broader perspective to address problems and is prepared to assist governments in seeking customized solutions to conflicts around the region.