Project Cycle Management

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Policies and strategies are used as a roadmap to achieve broader goals.

Governments, public sectors, private sectors, non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders have designed programs to accomplish specific objectives within a specific period. By its nature, projects are time sensitive and require scientific ways of management.

A project cycle is a tool that facilitates planned projects to attain their intended objectives. The success of projects depends on the proper enactment of each project phase. Projects require appropriate design, which allocates the right human and material resources, monitoring the process of the project cycle are all fundamental for the success of the project. A wrong design is impossible to revise through process monitoring. Likewise, misallocation and inefficient use of resources can affect the attainment of the project.

To this end, CIS engages in-process monitoring, financial auditing, and capacity building to help entities to attain their intended objectives. Moreover, CIS works on different schemes to enhance project management capacities through training and developing project-specific quality assurance tools. Further, CIS is the best organization to create project ideas concept ideas for a workable live project document, and CIS can be hired to monitor progress, with overall assessment work.